Sales force automation

Transparent form of sales reporting
integrated with your CRM system

What is Sellions SFA?

Sellions SFA is a mobile application that presents traders
regarding their performance in a transparent manner.
It uses elements of gamification to make it even more
improve customer service.

Quick integration

A personalized app is available
in 3 weeks. Easy to integrate
with a database from an Excel sheet to SFA and CRM


A convenient interface, integrated with your CRM system


Efficient and cheap opportunity to extend the application with additional modules from the aspects of gamification to a comprehensive knowledge base

Data-based hints

A tool analyzing the Customer’s profitability, providing hints based on information from the sales system

  • Suggesting products to order,
    based on the customer’s budget
  • Reminder about upcoming tasks
    and contact with clients
  • Suggesting products to be inserted
    on the shelf, with a limited dimension
  • Analysis of traders’ activities in terms of
    find the pattern with the highest effectiveness

working day

The organization of the day is based on a map system and dates of scheduled meetings

  • List of clients to visit
  • List of tasks to be carried out
    at every customer
  • Comfortable GPS navigation
  • Reps’ job statistics calculated
    in real time


A tool that analyzes data according to selected parameters

  • Analysis of over time results
  • Flexible filters
  • Fast generation of summary statements
  • Comparisons between clients and customer groups

Photo audit

Convenient verification by the heads of regional or external auditors, whether the activities reported by traders overlap with photos taken during the visit

This innovative and extremely affordable solution allows even more effective work of advisers, which directly translates into the revenue side of sales activities

Wojciech Prasowski

Director of Reporting and Sales Clearing in Orange Polska

Empower you reps with tool to succeed