Knowledge management

Verification of Reps knowledge has never been so easy

What is Sellions Knowledge Management?

The application allows you to systematize knowledge of Reps in terms of product information, customer service standards and many others

Full access to information

Complete information on all products in a straight line to use the application

Efficient implementation

A simple way to support new team members in fulfilling their new duties

Systematisation of knowledge

A solution that allows you to easily verify the knowledge acquired during trainings and presentations

Knowledge base

Essential information kit describing products and good practices

Competency tests

Interactive surveys verifying knowledge of traders from the newly acquired knowledge

Gamification mechanisms resulted in increased effectiveness of visits and work efficiency.

This has resulted not only in the double-digit exceeding of sales results in recent years, but also in the implementation of the assumed quality objectives (KPI)

Michał Oszkiel

Business Development Manager w Red Bull

Empower your reps with tool to succeed