Peter Drucker argued that “motivation of employees and the team is one of the most important tasks of the manager of the organization.” In order to be able to motivate team members to work effectively, he should first understand human nature well and then be persistent in order to support employees in the duties imposed on them.

Let’s take a look at Maslow’s well-known pyramid. For the needs of the basic level, which are physical needs and security, are placed in the hierarchy: the need to belong to a certain social group, love, a desire for respect, cognition, and the need for self-fulfillment.

Working in a team allows you to accomplish most of these needs. After all, an employee identifies himself as a professional who belongs to a certain social group. It can reveal its competences, gain respect and recognition, expand knowledge and improve its skills. That is why parting with the current workplace can be severe, even when we get a different, more financially attractive proposition. In order to connect employees even more with employers and co-workers, and thus motivate them to perform their duties, there should be an effective system supporting the motivation of employees.

8 activities that will increase the motivation of your team member

1. Personal praise

Analysts expect it. Such a person must know what contribution he has made to the general matter in person, but you as the manager – you judge him. If the project implemented the whole department, but the biggest part of the work was done by a man with analytical mind, do not forget to distinguish him – he will become even more thorough.

2. A written remuneration

For people who are inclined to formalism, it is important to realize that their work is part of the company’s success. It’s best to document it. Oral praise, even in the presence of colleagues, is not as significant to them as a thank-you letter on a shimmering paper.

3. Open dialogue

For the extroverts, your openness is the better motivation. As a rule, they have lots of ideas and even more willingness to discuss them. Let them turn to you directly, without the secretary and waiting in the office, thanks to which they will fly on the wings of their own initiative.

4. Non-traditional approach

Employees of innovators expect this. For them, not important is man and his actions. The best motivation for them is the unusual praise of their work. For example: instead of giving letters and bonuses, buy such a worker new equipment that no one in the office has yet.

5. Confidentiality

The more modest employees do not like publicity around them. This does not mean, however, that they do not need additional motivation. It is best to encourage them without any hype, praise with their eyes.

6. Elementary attention

Non-conflict people who always and always say “let us live together” will not usually ask for a prize, and often they will not even let you know that they want it. The motivation for them is simply your attention.

7. Making promises

The main players should be confident in their leadership and the project in which they operate. They want to know exactly what awaits them in the future, and what reward they and their companions will receive. You can not simply promise a bonus for implementing the plan with a surplus, but you should guarantee that they will receive it in a precise manner.

8. Flexible approach

Flexible, i.e. easily adaptable people, are almost perfect. They adapt to the project and the team, if it does not contradict their internal moral principles. They will always be happy with both the bonus, the letter and the oral praise. It is worth remembering that such units are exceptions and they happen rarely, so you should always get to know your employees well to best adapt the method to your personality.

These are the general rules. In addition, I will tell you what can be introduced in the company to more integrate employees and increase team motivation. These ideas were introduced at ConQuest Consulting during my term, and some will come into force in the near future.

1. Competition

This idea is best introduced in January at the beginning of the new year, a new period in the lives of many people. Each employee should set a personal goal for the first month. For example: quit smoking or get rid of unnecessary kilograms (indicate specifically how many). The winner is the one who, as planned, will not take a cigarette or lose weight. At the end of the month, summarize the results and win the winners.

2. “For health!” Action

Once or twice a week, display fruit trays in the company kitchen, rest zone or reception area. Working days begin with gymnastics. To do this, select volunteers or designate them in a draw. Order for trainers shirts with a funny phrase, such as for example: “Loading with energy”. It is beneficial to health and provides good humor.

This idea is best introduced in the spring, when avitaminosis is the highest, which results in apathy and quick fatigue.

3. A month of good things

Good works inspire and unite people. Organize charity events: buy New Year’s gifts for orphanages or help lonely elderly people. Employees will respectfully respect the company they work in and their loyalty and efficiency will increase.

There are many ways of intangible motivation. All you need to do is look at your colleagues and start the imagination.

Author: Roman Żołobko